1. An Environment Agency Licence is required by law if  you are    aged 13 or over.

   2. The Committee empowers all its bailiffs to instruct  anglers to    leave the fishery or its surrounding area for  contravention of    any cllub rules, if necessary the police will be called. Hook and    Rig checks can and will be carried out by bailiffs or committee    members at any time.

  3. EA rules regarding close season and methods in relation to the    river close season are in force on all river stretches. At any other    time the closed season shall be at the committee’s discretion on    all club waters.

   4. No Keepnets allowed except on Foulridge or when a match is    being held on all other waters.

   5. Every angler must be in possession of a landing net,    unhooking tool, a mat/cradle and fish care products (no sharing)    as and when relevant. Any angler found without   the relevant    equipment when required will be told to leave   the water.

   6. Fishing is only allowed from permanent pegs on Stillwater’s.    One angler per peg unless the second angler is a juvenile or    disabled  and requires assistance.


   7. Rods must be within 1m of the peg and no sharing of pods or    rests allowed.

   8. Anglers must not damage the banks, walls or trees.

   9. No barbed hooks allowed on Lowerhouse Lodge.

   10. No spinning, wobbling deadbaits or lure fishing allowed on    Lowerhouse Lodge.

   11. Every Angler is responsible for ensuring all litter is removed    from your swim, Take your litter home. Please do not fill bins at    the lakes. Keep Britain Tidy.

   12. Live and dead baiting using coarse fish baits is strictly    prohibited. Dead baiting using sea fish baits is allowed.

   13. Membership card must be shown upon request to an official    bailiff or a full club member on production of their card.

   14. Tents, camping and the lighting of fires or barbeques are    strictly prohibited.

   15. Night fishing is allowed for members 16 years old and over    who have purchased the multi rod annual membership.

   16. No fly fishing allowed, except on the River Calder.

   17. All  to be returned on all waters.    

   18. All bait tins are strictly prohibited on the bankside

   19. The use of firearms is strictly prohibited.

   20. The committee may close the waters at their own discretion.    No boating or remote controlled boats allowed with the    exception of bait boats at Rowley Lake, Walverden and Foulridge    Reservoirs.




 21. If member’s cards require replacement; it must be obtained    from the tackle shop of origin at a cost of £4.

   22. All rigs must be fish safe so there is minimal risk of the fish    being tethered. No elasticated method feeders other than Guru    xsafe, in-line method feeders allowed.

   23. Pike Fishing - Mainline must be a minimum of 12lb breaking    strain. Braided line may be used for lure fishing, semi barbless    trebles and a wire trace must be used. Anglers should be in    possession of the correct equipment required for fish care and    handling. Fish must be rested prior to weighing and photographing    but no fish are retained more than 15 minutes. No fishing for    predators on stillwaters from 1st of June until 30th of September,    no spinning, wobbling or deadbaiting.

   24. Night fishing is allowed on Lower Foulridge Reservoir,  Rowley    Lake, Walverden, Lowerhouse and Calder. No night fishing on    Ballgrove as per council rules.  

  25. For night fishing at Lowerhouse booking on at Macks is still    required before fishing. Only 4 anglers per night and anglers can    only book a maximum two consecutive nights. If you fail to book    on you will be asked leave and be reported to the committee.


  26. To night fish you must comply with the following: Be in    possession of a valid multi rod membership and follow all general    and additional rules for the water you are night fishing.

   27. Carp fishing additional ruling Rowley, Walverden and Foulridge    can be fished all year round with up to 3 rods. All must be alarmed,    on a pod and from one peg only. Barbed/Micro Barbed hooks    allowed maximum size 6. Carp anglers must be in possession of a    high sided unhooking mat or cradle and use it for unhooking fish.

   28. Barbless hooks only on Lowerhouse Lodge and only one rod    during daylight hours between 1st of March until 30th of September    and a maximum of two rods the rest of the time. Must have a multi    rod permit to fish two rods.

   29. Carp Fishing – Mainline must be a minimum of 12lb breaking    strain. No braided mainlines. All Landing nets must be a minimum    of 36”. All anglers must have a high sided unhooking mat, or cradle    and have fish care products. Fish must be rested prior to weighing    and photographing but no fish are retained more than 15 minutes.

   30. Any club member, who has a grievance, including how the club    is run by the committee, should arrange a meeting with the    committee. Alternatively a letter with your grievance or grievances    can be handed into Macks tackle shop, you must put your details    and membership number on the letter and a return address so we    can reply.

   31.Any comm ents on social media that damages the club    reputation will be dealt with and the member involved will face    sanctions and or be banned from the social media page    permanently.

   32.  No keepnets  to be used dusk until dawn                                                   Juniors

   1. Juniors must not take companions with them unless they are also    a member.

   2. Junior rules are subject to the rules of the association junior    members are allowed 1 rod only.

   3. Adult memberships commences from 16 years of age.

   4. Juveniles under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a    responsible adult. Juvenile’s less than 12 years of age fishing with    an adult member can fish for free. Maximum of two juveniles per    adult member. Juvenile’s less than 12 years of age fishing with an    adult who is not a member must purchase a Juvenile day ticket.    Maximum of two Juvenile’s per non-member adult.

                                                                                                                                                                     4. Matches can be moved at Match Secretary’s discretion.

5. Match Secretary’s decision is final. In all matters of dispute there will be a right of appeal to the committee.

6. Bloodworm and joker banned in all matches.

7. All anglers will be held responsible for litter within                                                                                                                                                                        mt of each peg.

8. Peg tickets are deened as litter and if left on the bank by member points will be deducted.

9. Any member with cause to complain sall place it in writing and send it to the match secretary  within 7 days.

10. Members contravening the club rules could be expelled from the club.

11. Cup holders must accept full responsibility for the safe keeping  of  any trophies . Any loss or damage to trophies will be charged to to the last recipient.

12. 2 keep nets to be used in matckes at Lowerhouse Lodge.