Pendle  Burnley & D.A.A Committee2024/25

           Chairman                      Simon Leigh

          Vice Chairman           Shane  Allen


           Club Secretary           Ian Frankland

          Treasuer                    Ian Mann

           Match Secretary        Paul Mason

           Membership & Ticket Secretary      Ian  Mann

          Work Party Secretary      Dave Winstanley

          Maintaninance           Simon Brown

          Head Bailiff               Lee Clowes                                                    (Tel: 07432 514427)

        The committee would like to remind it’s           members to read the rules as there is a           number of rule changes for 20224/ 25






  PENDLE BURNLEY & DISTRICT ANGLING ASSOCIATION is    run entirely by volunteers just like other organisations from    the committee to the bailiffs of members, fish    club is always on the lookout  for volunteers for taking part in    the writing of articles, nettings, working parties and    occasionally   providing support  to club officers when    carrying out their daily duties.For club members to register    their interest in helping the  club in whatever activities they    undertake please send an e-mail  to      

   or please give your details to a bailiff.Thank you for your    continued support, and more importantly the work will get    done in a prompt and professional manner as many hands    make light  work as it always has done.The club is run purely    for its members to provide safe and excellent fishing also    helps the local environment, if it weren’t for volunteers your    club would not exist

  Next year the club is introducing a scheme where if    you turn up for a work party you will get £5 off your    next years licence 2025/26  if you turn up for 2 you     get  £10 off



 And Waste UK

            GOOD NEWS FOR The CLUB

     The Club would like to say a massive thank you    to Suez Recycling and Waste UK as they

  have donated to the Club some sleepers and    power  tools as part of their recycling


     It all came about after one of our bailiffs Brett    Hall talked to Simon Brown, a long serving    member who also works for Suez as a H and S    Advisor for the northern team.  He asked the Club    to write a letter to Suez explaining what projects    we were undertaking for the Club ie new pegs and    repairing the existing pegs on our waters.  

  The Club would like to say a big thank you to    Simon Brown for being the go-between,    between Suez and the Club.

  The committee would like to ask for volunteers to    help  on the working parties,details of dates and    times will be on facebook.  This is your Club, hope    you can help.







Once again the club have arranged for their members a 10% discount at Go Outdoors store in Blackburn. On production of your valid membership card  which your photograph must be in and a valid Go Outdoors discount card you will receive another 10% of the discount card price.

  GLOBAL ANGLING        Fishing with power



Our Energize Kit Fits most barrow makes and models

       This web-site may be useful for all members with   fishing barrows wanting to covert to a power barrow

                STOCKING FOR ROWLEY 2023                   On 15th of November we have continued our   commitment to rowley today by adding another 12 stunning   C4 carp from 5 Star Fisheries. These ranged from 10 to 13lbs   and we think you will agree that there are some  absolute   stunners. Over the past 4 years we have continued  to stock   Rowley with these quality fish and we are definitely seeing the   benefits

     We have today 28thNovember stocked 3 more carp into     Rowley. A 20lb mirror and 2, 19lb+ commons. These fish    will add to the stock of larger fish in the lake, and should    grow on nicely. This latest stocking shows the club’s    commitment to making our waters better and providing  our    anglers with some great fish to target. We also stocked    around 20 1.5 to 2lb tench at the same time to further boost    the overall stock in the lake.


                           Foulridge Update:

       The club have been working with the sailing club over     the past few months in an attempt to improve parking and     access for our members. The sailing club have been very     open to working together on this and we have made some     progress.   WE have now agreed the following with them.

   Our members can now use the main car park by the sailing     club, but please only use the bottom area of the car park.     On Saturdays & Sundays is when the sailing club have their     meets, and they ask that we leave enough room for them     to park as well.

      We have also agreed to lease an area of the boatyard on     the opposite bank. This will be for the club to put a     container to  store tools etc in, allow access for work     parties and some  imited parking for matches. This area     will only be accessible  via a member of the committee and     WILL NOT be for  general parking.

      We have had some conversations with them regarding     Issues between boats and anglers, such as tangling lines,     and they are going to look at this. From our side, we ask     that members consider using back leads (we understand     this isn’t always possible) when the boats are out.

    There should be no fishing in the area between the     clubhouse and the ramp. Pegs start after the ramp and     fishing is allowed along the entire dam wall from the ramp.

      We ask all members to respect the sailing club and their     members, and should you experience any issues, please     contact one of our bailiffs or committee members who can     deal with it. We are trying to build a working relationship     with the sailing club to help the club going forward and     this will only be maintained by us all sticking to these     agreements. Abusing this will result in us losing these     facilities.


     PBDAA committee

            STOCKING FOF BALL GROVE 2024

The club continues its plan of improving all our waters, which  has today seen us stock 1500 fish into ball grove. A mix of  Roach, Bream, Tench & Rudd have been stocked. Day tickets   are available to purchase from Lakeside Cafe

 Pendle Burnley and District AA have been   tagging fish since the start of 2018. Investing in fish   Is becoming very expensive and protecting that   invement is paramount for our members

                Work Party On Rowley                        Over the last couple of weeks the Committee   Bailiffs and Volunteers have been working on the paths and   pegs up Rowley.The committee would like to say a big thank   you to Brett Hall one off your bailiffs for organising the work   party and thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to help   the club. It just shows what can be achieved if members turn   up to help.

  This year the club is introducing a scheme where if you turn   up for a work party you will get £5 off your next years licence   2025/26 if you turn up for 2 you  get  £10 off

                        Foulridge Towpath Update:

    The CLUB  have finished the bench pegs and put in the last   bivvy peg. We have put in paths from the bivvy pegs to the   new footpath meaning you should not need to get muddy   anymore. We have also barked peg 6. This means we now   have 9 winter pegs ready to go, 3 of which are doubles. We   are sure you’ll all agree that this is a huge improvement.

  This project has cost the club a substantial sum, yes we have   had some donations but the club committed to improving   Foulridge for our members. We would love to continue this   by having the footpath repaired all the way from the   sandbanks, down to the boat yard, but we simply cannot   afford this and continue to run & maintain the waters. We   have the go fund me page running to raise funds to help us   get the paths finished. If each member of the club donated   just £10 (and yes we understand that not everybody may be   able to) we could finish the job.

  If you would like to donate, please follow the link below and   together we can make foulridge even better.

PBDAA committee