* Feeder only 
       * No Method Feeder or Adaptations
       * No Inline Feeders
       * No Hair rigs or Double Hooking 
       * 30CM Minimum Hooklength to hang below          the feeder only
       * No Bloodworm or Joker
       * No Artificial Baits
       * No Pike, Game Fish or Fry to be weighed
       * No feeders to be cast out before all in
       * Only one rod to be in use at any one time
       * 60lb keep net limit 2 nets are advised in          match situations anything over 60lb in one          net will not be counted.

      * Pole and float methods allowed                                                                                           Matt Heyes


 1. No pike to count in matches

 2. Double hooking allowed on ledger only but not at   Lowerhouse.

 3. Wetting  groundbait  and plumbing the depth is allowed   before  the all in.

 4. Matches can be moved at Match Secretary’s discretion.

 5. Match Secretary’s decision is final. In all matters of dispute   there will be a right of appeal to the committee.

 6. Bloodworm and joker banned in all matches.

 7. All anglers will be held responsible for litter within 1mt  of   each peg.

 8. Peg tickets are deemed as litter and if left on the bank by   member points will be deducted.

 9. Any member with cause to complain shall place it in writing   and send it to the match secretary  within 7 days.

 10. Members contravening the club rules could be expelled   from the club.

 11.Cup holders must accept full responsibility for the safe   keeping  of  any trophies . Any loss or damage to trophies will   be charged to to the last recipient.

 12. 2 keep nets to be used in matches at Lowerhouse Lodge.

 13. Any specific match rules will be heard before the start of        any match


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Foulridge Open Matches 2019

 McMILLAN Charity Match 2019

    New Match Record For Foulridge                    169lb 12oz

                 SEE REPORT


Lowerhouse Winter League 2018/19

Lowerhouse Winter League 2019/20 Round 2


PBDAA winter league 2nd round today on Lowerhouse. -3 when I arrived   this morning with cat ice in some of the pegs never a good start.   Temperature never got above 0 today on the lodge coupled with the bright   sun saw a very very hard day for all. Thanks once again to the lads it's   been a laugh as ever. By the time we were weighing in the weigh sling had   frozen 

         Top 3 today

  1st Matt Heyes 24lb 2oz
        2nd Mark Mcdonald 5lb 13oz
              3rd Ray Ayre 5lb

    League after 2 rounds.

1st Matt Heyes 50lb 10oz
   2nd Doug Stevens 27lb 12oz
     3rd Scott Duffy 14lb 15oz
       4th Ray Ayre 13lb 14oz
          5th Gordon Simm 12lb
            6th Mark Mcdonald 7lb 4oz
              7th Greg Newland 4lb
                8th Chad Tremble 2lb 9oz
                   9th Mark Dykes 14oz
                     10th Paul Collier 7oz
                         11th John Driscoll 0

                        Next match is in 2 weeks 15/12/2019

Lowerhouse Winter League 2019/20 Round 1

 We are off and underway with this year's winter league. Cold conditions   and plenty of rain over the last few days has played a part today with the   carp all but 1 shutting up shop and avoiding anything to do with food. Well   done to all the lads today tough day for some but bites to be had.

     Top 3 on the day.
  1st Matt Heyes 26lb 8oz
   2nd Douglas Stevens 23lb 9oz
    3rd Gordon Simm 12lb

 League after round 1

 1st Matt Heyes 26lb 8oz
  2nd Doug Stevens 23lb 9oz
  3rd Gordon Simm 12lb
  4th Scott Duffy 10lb 8oz
  5th Raymond Ayre 8lb 14oz
  6th Chad Tremble 2lb 9oz
  7th Greg Newland 2lb
  8th Mark Mcdonald 1lb 7oz
  9th Mark Dykes 14oz
  10th Paul Collier 7oz
  11th John Driscoll 0

                  MATCH  DATES  2020


   Foulridge Spring            League            5/04/2020             12/04/2020             19/04/2020             26/04/2020        

         Foulridge        Championship            26/09/2020               27/09/2020

    Foulridge Open           Matches           28/06/2020             12/07/2020             19/07/2020             23/08/2020             13/09/2020             11/10/2020              


   Foulridge Charity             Match           16/08/2020

Lowerhouse Winter     League 19/20         12/01/2020         26/01/2020         09/02/2020         

 Lowerhouse Winter       League 20/21            15/11/2020            29/11/2020            13/12/2020            27/12/2020            10/01/2021            24/01/2021            07/02/2021

Lowerhouse Open Matches 2019

Lowerhouse Winter League 2019/20 Round 3


  PBDAA winter league round 3. Again temperatures plummeted overnight   after a week or so of 4degrees weather and last weekend 11degrees, I'm   sure someone has it in for us with the weather snow for 3 hours this   morning meant the water in the lodge went a weird colour which is never   a good sign. Rock hard day again but someone has to win. Bites came   mostly later on for the lads that caught. Next match 29/12/19 so from me   and PBDAA I'd like to wish all the lads on the league, all members and   non members on the group Happy Christmas hope you all have an   amazing day see you in a couple of weeks 
Top 3 today..

  1st Raymond Ayre 7lb 3oz
        2nd Douglas Stevens 4lb 11oz
              3rd Mark Dykes 4lb 6oz

  League after 3 rounds

   1st Matt Heyes 50lb 10oz
       2nd Douglas Stevens 32lb 7oz
          3rd Raymond Ayre 21lb 1oz
             4th Scott Duffy 14lb 15oz
                5th Gordon Simm 12lb
                   6th Mark Mcdonald 11lb 5oz
                      7th Mark Dykes 5lb 4oz
                         8th Chad Tremble 4lb 5oz
                            9th Greg Newland 4lb

                              10th Paul Collier 7oz

                                 11th John Driscoll 0

                     Lowerhouse Winter Leaque 2019/20 Round 4

  4th round of the winter league today, we were greeted to mild weather    and  an inform Lodge finally been a decent match today it seems most fish h oved into the shallows for the mild weather. Plenty of skimmers been   caught  and some decent carp too.

            Top 3 today...

 1st Greg Newland 33lb 7oz
         2nd Matt Heyes 28lb
                3rd Gordon Simm 21lb 3oz

The league itself has had a massive shuffle round today after 4 weights all   over 20lb and a couple of 15lb weights.

      League after round 4

 1st Matt Heyes 78lb 10oz
  2nd Douglas Stevens 48lb 3oz
  3rd Ray Ayre 41lb 3oz
  4th Greg Newland 37lb 7oz
  5th Gordon Simm 33lb 3oz
  6th Scott Duffy 18lb 11oz
  7th John Driscoll 15lb 8oz
  8th Mark Mcdonald 11lb 8oz
  9th Mark Dykes 8lb 8oz
  10th Chad Tremble 4lb 5oz
  11th Paul Collier 7oz

See you all in the new year and all the best to all of the members on this     page tight lines all 

                    Lowerhouse Winter Leaque 2019/20 Round 5

    5th round of the PBDAA winter league today on Lowerhouse lodge.   Another week that's been mild bar 2 days where we had a little frost so   everyone was hopeful of a few pulls. Another tough match in areas but   there was fish to be caught all round the lodge today.

    Today's results
   1st Matt Heyes 34lb 1oz
      2nd Greg Newland 17lb 13oz
          3rd Gordon Simm 11lb 7oz

  League standings after 5 rounds

    1st Matt Heyes 112lb 11oz
     2nd Douglas Stevens 58lb 15oz
     3rd Greg Newland 55lb 4oz
     4th Ray Ayre 50lb 8oz
     5th Gordon Simm 44lb 10oz
     6th Scott Duffy 29lb 11oz
     7th John Driscoll 24lb 11oz
     8th Mark Mcdonald 11lb 8oz
     9th Chad Tremble 11lb 3oz
     10th Mark Dykes 8lb 8oz
     11th Paul Collier 5lb 9oz


                    Lowerhouse Winter Leaque 2019/20 Round 6

    Winter league 6th round today and it's been a cracker lots of movement    in the table after some great weights today. It's still all to play for in the    final round on the 9th February.

         Today's results

 1st Scott Duffy 54lb 9oz
     2nd Paul Collier 29lb 12oz
        3rd Ray Ayre 21lb 6oz

League standings after 6 rounds

  1st Matt Heyes 122lb 3oz
   2nd Scott Duffy 84lb 4oz
   3rd Douglas Stevens 74lb 8oz
   4th Ray Ayre 71lb 14oz
   5th Greg Newland 55lb 4oz
   6th Gordon Simm 51lb 1oz
   7th Paul Collier 35lb 5oz
   8th John Driscoll 24lb 11oz
   9th Mark Mcdonald 11lb 8oz
   10th Chad Tremble 11lb 3oz
   11th Mark Dykes 8lb 8oz


                   Lowerhouse Winter Leaque 2019/20 Round 7

  Final round of the PBDAA winter league today. First of all thanks to all the   lads on the league over the last few months it's been absolutely brilliant,   we've had a right laugh whilst catching all winter which in itself for most   venues says alot about the lodge.

 So yea abit stormy today wind, rain and even hail and the end   of the match but we all cracked on with it. We had to rejig the pegging as   the river bank was unfishable due to the river coming over the top.

 Lodge fished well for the first few hours until the colour from the river   started to creep in then it died for most. Tickets for next winter will be on   sale from September/October  

  Today's results

 1st Douglas Stevens 39lb 4oz

  2nd Scott Duffy 25lb 10oz

   3rd Mark Mcdonald 23lb 10oz

    4th Ray Ayre 15lb 13oz

     5th Matt Heyes 14lb 14oz

      6th Gordon Simm 7lb 2oz

       7th Mark Dykes 4lb 9oz

      League overall

 1st Matt Heyes 137lb 1oz

 2nd Doug Stevens 113lb 12oz

 3rd Scott Duffy 109lb 14oz

 4th Ray Ayre 87lb 11oz

 5th Gordon Simm 58lb 3oz

 6th Greg Newland 55lb 4oz

 7th Paul Collier 35lb 4oz

 8th Mark Mcdonald 35lb 2oz

 9th John Driscoll 24lb 11oz  

 10th Mark Dykes 13lb 1oz

 11th Chad Tremble 11lb 3oz

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