Match Rules


1 One rod, one line and single hook only.

2. Live or dead baits are forbidden unless a predator

match is being held.

3. Competitors must place their rods on the bank if they

wish to leave their peg during match times.

4. Keepnets must be a minimum of 2.5m in length, be

pegged out where applicable and comply with national


5. In matches where all fish weigh, keepnets to be used,

all fish must be returned to the water immediately after

being weighed.

6. All fish above 6oz must be landed with a landing net

to aid fish safety.

7. The match secretary or persons allocated to run the

match may disqualify any competitor failing to comply

with the match regulations.

8. Should any condition arise which these regulations

are not met by competitors, the match secretary or

person allocated to run the match have full power to

deal with the situation immediately as they see fit.

9. Competitors fishing a match should not interfere with

any other angler during the duration of the match.

10. Contestants shall not fish the selected water until the

time for contest. This rule applies from midnight

before the contest.

11. Pegs will be announced 10 days prior to the match,

but may be altered if water levels alter drastically.

13 All members must vacate any match pegs well inadvance of the match start time.

14 No carp over 10lb in keepnets, 50lb keepnet limit.

15 On open matches none members need to pay for a £5 day ticket.

Foulridge Open Matches 2019

 McMILLAN Charity Match 2019


Lowerhouse Winter League 2018/19

               MATCH  DATES  2023/24



Match pegs will be decided no later than 48hours before

the match commences via our social media platforms.

Pegs in use on matches must be vacated well in advance

of the match start time.

Club matches, open matches and members matches will

be announced no later than 10days before it is due to take

place via our social media platforms.

The club reserve the right to run matches on any given day

throughout the year using the above rules.

  Summer League



        16/06/2024          07/07/2024


      Pegs TBC  on our  social           media platforms

Lowerhouse Winter      League 23/24

        03/11/2024         17/11/2024

       01/12/2024         15/12/2024

       05/01/2025         19/01/2025

       02/02/2025         16/02/2025                                  

  Lodge will be closed on    all  dates to  pleasure              anglers                    

  Foulridge Members           Matches











    Foulridge 2  Dayer

            03/08/24              04/08/24


    Foulridge Carp            Match

 Date TBC. Levels and   conditions permitting.


Lowerhouse Open Matches 2019

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Foulridge Spring League 2020

     Match Record For Foulridge

               MARK DYKES

                 192lb  14oz



Foulridge Open Matches 2020


Pegs  Weights    Points


                              LOWERHOUSE WINTER LEAGUE 2023/4

   Winter league final results and standings.

     Bloomin cold day for those sat with wind in our faces few fish about  for 1 or 2

  Winner Greg Chippendale with 17lb 11oz from peg 21  

    Section 1 Ray Osullivan  16lb 2oz f peg 3  

    Section 2 Ray Ayre  10lb 14oz  peg 22  

  Taking the shield home this year was Paul Mason with a total weight of 131lb 2oz

      2nd was Gordon Simm with a total of 99lb 11oz

         3rd was Greg Chippendale with a total of 68lb 12 oz

      4th Doug stevens 57lb 6oz

      5th Scott Duffy 51lb 12oz

       6th Joe Harrison 49lb 14oz

        7th Ray OSullivan 29lb 10oz

         8th Ray Ayre 27lb 9oz

          9th Martin Stevens 28lb

          10th James Isherwood 25lb 3oz


   Winter league round 7 results.

   Has the frost killed the fishing before match day yet again?? I think so with 5 men blanking can     be the only answer, plus the rest of us no more than 3 fish.

    Winner  Joe Harrison with 10lb 1oz from peg 23   

    Section 1 Scott Duffy  9lb 8oz   peg 18

    Section 2   Ray Ayre  7lb 2oz  peg 6


    League table top 5 after 7 rounds

    1st Paul Mason 122lb 3oz

      2nd Gordon Simm 90lb 13oz

        3rd Greg Chippendale 51lb 1oz

         4th Doug stevens 49lb 10oz

            5th Scott Duffy 45lb 1oz


   Winter league round 6 results

     Only 4 of us managed to put fish on the scales today, thought conditions and temperature was      spot on but what do I know


      Winner Paul Mason 23lb 10oz from peg 6

     Section 1   Joe Harrison   6lb 13oz   peg 8

     Section 2   Ben with 21lb 11oz  peg 18.

     League table top 5 after 6 rounds

    1st Paul Mason 118lb 03oz

       2nd Gordon Simm 90lb 13oz

         3rd Greg Chip 51lb 01oz

            4th Douglas Stevens 49lb 10oz

               5th Scott Duffy 35lb 9oz


       Winter league round 5 results  

   Possibly all the ice melt water going in making it a tough day who knows  struggle for most of     us today


    Winner  Gordon Simm   30lb 8oz   peg 7

      Section 1   Douglas stevens  10lb 12oz   peg 8

     Section 2    Scott Duffy   8lb 13oz   peg 23.

     Table top 5 after 5 rounds

    1st Paul Mason 94lb 9oz

      2nd Gordon Simm 78lb 12oz

        3rd Doug Stevens 49lb 10oz

          4th Scott Duffy 35lb 9oz

            5th Greg Chippendale 29lb 6oz


    Winter league round 4 results  

    Another tough day on the lodge again, after the milder weather we thought game on again      but not to be  

   Winner Paul Mason   32lb 2oz  peg 3

    Section 1 Ray Ayre with 3lb 9oz peg 7

   Section 2 Greg Chippendale  23lb 3oz  peg 18

     Table top 5 after 4 rounds


    1st Paul Mason 87lb 11oz

      2nd Gordon Simm 48lb 3oz

        3rd Douglas Stevens 38lb 14oz

          4th Greg Chippendale 29lb 6oz

            5th Scott Duffy 26lb 12oz

   Winter league round 3 results

   After the milder weather last few days we all hoped it was going to fish ok today but that’s      why it’s called fishing and not catching

    Winner Paul Mason 54lb 11oz  peg 22        

   Section 1  Joe Harrison  13lb 8oz peg 21

   Section 2  Douglas Stevens   16lb 12oz  peg 6

    Table top 5 after 3 rounds.

   1st  Paul Mason 55lb 9oz

      2nd Gordon Simm 45lb 1oz

       3rd Douglas Stevens 31lb 12oz

        4th Scott Duffy 26lb 12oz

          5th Joe Harrison 19lb 6oz

    Winter league round 2 results

  Couple of frosts has made fishing difficult on lots of venues this weekend

   but was still fish around in the usual areas on the lodge.

    Winner Scott Duffy  21lb 13oz  peg 3

   Section winners  

   Section 1  Joe Harrison with 5lb 14oz  peg 7

   Section 2  Gordon Simm with 21lb 5oz peg 21


   Top 5 after 2 rounds

   1st Gordon Simm 45lb 1oz

    2nd Scott Duffy 25lb

     3rd Doug stevens 15lb

      4th  Martin stevens 13lb 5oz

       5th  Joe Harrison 5lb 14oz

   Winter league round 1 results

   Couple of days frost and unsettled fish = not great weights

   Early days though and despite the frosts

  Winner Gordon Simm  23lb 12oz peg 3

    Section Winners   

   Section 1  Doug stevens with 15lb from peg 7

   Section 2 Ray Osullivan with 4lb 4oz from peg 20

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