1. No pike to count in matches

2. Wetting  groundbait  and plumbing the depth is allowed   before  the all in.

3. Matches can be moved at Match Secretary’s discretion.

 4. Match Secretary’s decision is final. In all matters of dispute   there will be a right of appeal to the committee.

 5. Bloodworm and joker banned in all matches.

 6. All anglers will be held responsible for litter within 1mt  of   each peg.

 7. Peg tickets are deemed as litter and if left on the bank by   member points will be deducted.

 8. Any member with cause to complain shall place it in writing   and send it to the match secretary  within 7 days.

 9.  Members contravening the club rules could be expelled   from the club.

 10. Cup holders must accept full responsibility for the safe   keeping  of  any trophies . Any loss or damage to trophies will   be charged to to the last recipient.

 11. 2 keep nets to be used in matches at Lowerhouse Lodge.

 12. Any specific match rules will be heard before the start of        any match


Foulridge Open Matches 2019

 McMILLAN Charity Match 2019


Lowerhouse Winter League 2018/19

                  MATCH  DATES  2020


   Foulridge Spring            League            5/04/2020             12/04/2020             19/04/2020             26/04/2020        

         Foulridge        Championship            26/09/2020               27/09/2020

    Foulridge Open           Matches           28/06/2020             12/07/2020             19/07/2020             23/08/2020             13/09/2020             11/10/2020              


   Foulridge Charity             Match           16/08/2020

Lowerhouse Winter     League 19/20         12/01/2020         26/01/2020         09/02/2020         

 Lowerhouse Winter       League 20/21            15/11/2020            29/11/2020            13/12/2020            27/12/2020            10/01/2021            24/01/2021            07/02/2021

Lowerhouse Open Matches 2019

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Foulridge Spring League 2020

  New Match Record For Foulridge                   MARK DYKES                    192lb  14oz




   All matches are any method unless feeder     only  stated in the match post

   No Double Hooking

   No Bloodworm or Joker

   No feeders to be cast out before all in

   Only one rod to be in use at any one time

    60lb keep net limit 2 nets at all times                1  for  carp          1  for  silvers

Foulridge Open Matches 2020


                          FOULRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020

  Foulridge championship day 1
      Absolutely freezing frost on the ground and that winds got a bite to it hasn't     it; deep pegs have dominated the day with bream caught on all 3 banks. All to     play for on day 2

  1st George Taylor 27lb peg 27 (wall)
Ian Fieldhouse 14lb 2oz peg 44 (fieldside)
Chad Tremble 11lb 8oz peg 50 (fieldside)

   Section 1 Ray O'Sullivan 6lb 4oz peg 29 (wall)
   Section 2 
Mark Dykes 5lb 8oz peg 42 (field side)
   Section 3 
Steven Hodson 9lb 15oz peg 46 (roadside)
   Section 4 
Gordon Simm 6lb 1oz (Alma)

      Overall after day 1

   George Taylor 27lb
    Ian Fieldhouse 14lb 2oz
    Chad Tremble 11lb 8oz
    Steve Hodson 9lb 15oz
    Ray O'Sullivan 6lb 4oz
    Gordon Simm 6lb 1oz
    Mark Dykes 5lb 8oz
    Jeff Grant 5lb 2oz
    Dave Parkinson 2lb 8oz
    Mark Vandercamp 2lb 4oz
    Russell Waterhouse 1lb 6oz
    Darren stock 1lb 4oz
    Pat Power 1lb
    Nigel Bower 8oz
    Alan Copperwaite 4oz
    Matt Heyes, Paul coope, Scott Duffy

    Kev Clark  Alex Woodcock. DNW


    Foulridge championship day 2
     What a complete turnaround in weather we've been sat in our t-shirts today on     the wall not a breath of wind either, absolutely crazy.
    Well done to the framers today much tougher conditions.

   Day 2  

   1st Nigel Bower 9lb 6oz
Steven Hodson 7lb 12oz
Mark Dykes 5lb 7oz

    Section 1 Jeff Grant 4lb 4oz
    Section 2 
Ian Fieldhouse 3lb 8oz
    Section 3 
Gordon Simm 5lb
4 Russell Waterhouse 5lb 4oz

  So please here's the final standings over 2 days, before we get there I'd just like  to   thank Mark Dykes this weekend for running the opposite rotation couldn't off  done   it without you mate, also the lads that have taken part massive thanks to  you also   it's been a great weekend.

  Well done lads great effort and well done George making no mistake on the first    day.

   1st  George Taylor               27lb 6oz

     2nd Steve Hodson                17lb 11oz

        3rd Ian Fieldhouse               17lb 10oz

            4th Chad Tremble                11lb 8oz

  5th Gordon Simm                 11lb 1oz

  6th Mark Dukes                    10lb 15oz

  7th Nigel Bower                    9lb 14oz

  8th Jeff Grant                       9lb 6oz

  9th Ray O’Sullivan                8lb 4oz

  10th Russell Waterhouse     6lb 10oz

  11th Darren Stock                5lb 6oz

  12th Matt Hayes                   5lb

  12th Alex Woodcock             5lb

  14th Paul Coope                   4lb 7oz

  15th Dave  Parkinson           2lb 8oz

  16th Mark Vandercamp        2lb 4oz

  17th Kev Clark                      2lb

  18th Pat Power                     1lb

  19th Alan Copperwaite              4oz

  20th Scott Duffy                  D.N.W   


                27lb 6oz      FOULRIDGE CHAMPION                   2020