Match Rules

   1. One rod, one line and single hook only.

   2. Live or dead baits are forbidden unless a predator    match is being held.

   3. Competitors must place their rods on the bank if    they wish to leave their peg during match times.

  4. Keepnets must be a minimum of 2.5m in length,    be pegged out where applicable and comply with    national standards.

  5. In matches where all fish weigh, keepnets to be    used, all fish must be returned to the water    immediately after being weighed.

   6. All fish above 6oz must be landed with a landing    net to aid fish safety.

   7. The match secretary or persons allocated to run    the match may disqualify any competitor failing to    comply with the match regulations.

   8. Should any condition arise which these regulations    are not met by competitors, the match  secretary or    person allocated to run the match have full power to    deal with the situation immediately as they see fit.

   9. Competitors fishing a match should not interfere    with any other angler during the duration of the    match.

   10. Contestants shall not fish the selected water until    the time for contest. This rule applies from midnight    before the contest.

   11. Match pegs will be decided no later than the night    before the contest.

   12. All members must vacate any match pegs in use    by midnight the night before the contest.

Foulridge Open Matches 2019

 McMILLAN Charity Match 2019


Lowerhouse Winter League 2018/19

       Summer League              22/05/22              12/06/22              19/06/22              10/07/22              17/07/22          Peg TBC  on our  social                 media platforms

    Lowerhouse Winter            League 22/23             06.11.2022             20.11.2022             04.12.2022             18.12.2022             08.01.2023             22.22.2023



       (Lodge will be closed on all dates to                     pleasure anglers)                    

              Foulridge Open              Championship

     Official practice match                 30/09 22   

    1/10/22   --   2/10/22             (whole lake closed)


               MATCH  DATES  2022/23

  All matches are now members only; match pegs will be decided    no later than 24 hours before a match takes place as per    members rules. Pegs in use on the  matches must be vacated    well in advance of the match start time. There are 4 occasions    this year where the  entirety of  Foulridge will be  closed for    pleasure angling to ensure proper parking and maximum peg    numbers can be used.

    Club matches, open matches and members only matches will    be announced no later than 10 days before they happen along    with pegs in use on our social media  platforms. The club    reserve the right to run matches on  any given day    throughout the year following the above  rules Below are the    bigger events in the year where the lake maybe closed to host


        Foulridge Fest. Open



                (whole lake closed)


 Official practice match

      Gordon Simm Snr        Memorial  Match



            (whole lake closed)

1 (whole lake closed)

Xmas Fur and Feather 12.12.2021 (Maximum pegs dependant on water levels at the time)

           Carp Match           Members only

  5th 6th 7th  /08 / 2022             (Foulridge)


              Foulridge Pairs                 Member only

  7/09 /2022 -- 18/09/2022

           (whole lake closed)

Lowerhouse Open Matches 2019

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Foulridge Spring League 2020

  New Match Record For Foulridge

                  MARK DYKES

                   192lb  14oz



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Foulridge Open Matches 2020


Pegs  Weights    Points

                        Foulridge summer league Round 2                       

              Today are what you call Foulridge conditions blown an absolute gale all     day and the bream absolutely love it what a match that was, what a water it is!!


      1st Gordon Simm 105lb 14oz

        2nd Chris Chadwick 105lb 5oz

            3rd Chris Potts 88lb 9oz

  Section A Josh Sawyer 58lb 13oz

  Section B Aidy Bowker 53lb 10oz

  Section C Scott Duffy 83lb 6oz

  Section D Warren Battersby 47lb 1oz


                         Foulridge  Summer league Round 3

         Another brilliant match with bream on every section in what is     warming upto be an epic league.

    Well done all framers yesterday next round is in a few weeks.

   1st Matt Heyes 132lb 5oz

       2nd Terry Holden 90lb 9oz

            3rd Darren Clough 84lb 2oz

    Secrion A Darren Stock 56lb 4oz

    Section B Warren Battersby 53lb 10oz

    Section C Paul Coope 28lb 4oz

    Section D Scott Duffy 32lb 3oz

                       Foulridge  Summer league Round 4

              Absolutely red hot conditions really not what we all wante       but there  was a few bites to be had and points to fish for. Well       done all framers and  winners. Hopefully we get some better       bream weather for the final this week.

    1st Paul Coope 16lb 14oz

         Joint 2nd Terry Holden and Paul Mason 11lb 5oz

            4rd Matt Heyes 7lb 3oz

    Section A Chris Potts 5lb 6oz

    Section B Chris Chadwick 12oz

    Section C Warren Battersby 5lb

     Section D Aidy Bowker 9oz

                             Foulridge summer league Round 1

          What a difference a week makes!! The fishing has been brilliant with bream     on every section pegged which made for a very interesting match indeed. Well     done to All section winners and framers on the day.

   One to point out on the cards we drew theres a date error its not the 26th of june     its the 19th.

   1st Matt Heyes 41lb peg 57

       2nd Jeff Grant 28lb 12oz peg 16

            3rd Mark Dykes 25lb 4oz peg 58

   Section A Ray Osullivan 10lb 15oz peg 15

   Section B Darren Stock 18lb 8oz peg 22


   Section C Barrie Kaye 22lb 1oz peg 50

   Section D Terry Holden 22lb 8oz peg 55

                        Foulridge  Summer league Round 5

    Foulridge 2022 summer league final today and with the weather hot and      the water levels receeding 4 to 5 mtrs in the shallows over the last week      it was always going to be a tough one especially with 1st place being tied      3 ways.  Well done  to everyone who fished this years   summer league      most of all thanks to Ray for running it, its been absolutely fantastic on      points and the sections worked really well. Another Summer  league      over with see you all on the next one

        Overall today weights

    1st Warren Battersby 29lb 7oz

         2nd Ray Ayre 14lb 12oz

             3rd Darren Clough 9lb 7oz

   Section A Aidy Bowker and Jeff Grant 1lb 4oz

    Section B Chris Potts 4lb

     Section C Ray Osullivan 3lb 8oz

       Section D Matt Heyes 5lb 6oz


      On Points 4 out 5 matches  Count

                NAME                             POINTS            WEIGHT  

               1st  Matt Heyes                       6             185lb  14oz

                2nd Warren Battersby             6              135lb    2oz

                3rd Paul Coope                       7                68lb    2oz

               4th Darren Clough                  8               141lb   7oz

                5th Terry Holden                    8               132lb   6oz

               6th Chris Potts                        8               100lb   3oz

                7th Ray Osullivan                  10              120lb    1oz

                8th Scott Duffy                      10              119lb   2oz  

               9th Darren Stock                   10                95lb   2oz

              10th Simon Walker               10                41lb   3oz

                    TOTAL WEIGHT for all 5 matches      1894lb   

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